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Awarded by Global Healthcare Excellence Awards 2016.

Treatment Procedure

Root canal is a treatment to repair and save a badly damaged or infected tooth. How?

Infected Tooth

An infected tooth pulp can cause toothache and can destroy the bone surrounding it.

Incision Made

A small incision is made to access the infected tooth pulp.

Canals Filled

An amalgam filling is used to fill the opening that is left after the decayed portion of the tooth has been removed.

New Crown

Once the pulp cavity is filled, a cap is placed over the tooth to restore its shape, size and strength

Canals Cleaned

The infected pulp is extracted and the pulp chamber is flushed and cleaned to avoid tooth abscess in the nearby teeth.

Toothache is not normal, get to its root cause.

Why Denty's

Personalized Care

We treat every single one of our patients as our family - with utmost care, respect and personal concern.

Specialist Driven

Practicing dentistry in specialized streams, Denty's gives patients exactly what they need.

Standardized Protocols

Every single Dental care procedure performed at Denty's is as per widely accepted and treatment standards, codified by our senior most and experienced practitioners.

World Class Infrastructure

With international standards and processes, Denty's strives to deliver only the best to you. World Class Infrastructure: With advanced equipments, digital diagnosis and electronic patient records, Denty's stays ahead of the times.

Best in class sterilization

We extensively use disposables and rigorously sterilized equipment for ensuring best-in-class infection control systems.

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